A Caring Home Inc. is responsive to each resident’s need for intensive, active therapeutic intervention, which requires a staff secure treatment setting in order to be successfully implemented.  Our staff are awake during sleep hours and supervision is continuous.  Treatment is provided in a structured program setting and staff is present and available at all times of the day, including overnight awake.


A Caring Home Inc. employs highly skilled staff members who are committed to meeting the needs of those we serve. We provide customized care for our residents.  Our staff are trained in various behavior management techniques to ensure relationship support to assist each resident in the following ways:

  managing the stress and discomfort associated with the process of change

  maintenance of gains achieved

  providing specifically planned and implemented therapeutically focused interactions designed to assist each resident in correcting various patterns of inappropriate interpersonal behavior, as needed.


Our agency’s pledge of Continuous Quality Improvement also ensures that our staff possess significant interpersonal skills to both decrease and deescalate issues regarding rejection, hostility, anger and avoidance.

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