A Caring Home Inc. offers residential care to individuals diagnosed with mental health and/or substance abuse disorders.  We offer a stable and well-supervised residential home located in the Charlotte Metropolitan Area.

A Caring Home Inc. provides services for females, ages 7-18, with behavioral illnesses who exhibit severe or disabling conditions related to a psychiatric/psychological condition or an exacerbation of a severe and persistent mental disorder.  Our Residential Level III Facility serves as an alternative to institutional hospitalization and can be a transitional step towards reunification home from the residential setting.  The goal of our residential services program is to provide treatment which improves the overall quality of life of our residents.


 A Caring Home Inc. is appropriate for individuals who:

  •   Can benefit from a coordinated program of services
  •   Require more than isolated sessions of outpatient treatment
  •   Require 24-hour home like environmental living arrangement

Distinguishing characteristics of Residential Services at A Caring Home Include:

  •   Comprehensive diagnostic ability
  •   Individual and group psychotherapy
  •   Structured therapeutic activities
  •   Family counseling
  •   Holistic Home Environment
  •   Expert consultations
  •   Pharmacology therapy integrated with other treatment

Our residential program operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Group activities scheduled for residents throughout the day (times will be adjusted for school attendance hours) include but are not limited to:

  •   Individual and Group Therapy
  •   Financial Management
  •   Food Shopping
  •   Meal Preparation
  •   Budget Management
  •   Workplace Readiness
  •   Job Search
  •   Access to Medical and Dental Care
  •   Home Management
  •   DMV Services
  •   Auto Insurance Acquisition
  •   Parenting Skills
  •   Psycho-Educational Groups
  •   Relapse Prevention
  •   Psycho-Expressive Groups
  •   Health Awareness and Practical Living Skills
  •   Time Management

Our program is based on the belief that our residents' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is dedicated to providing a nurturing, learning environment.  Everyone deserves A Caring Home.  Call us today!!

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